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What to prepare

Smelt rod gimmick bait

Please prepare a special rod for the smelt rod at a fishing tackle shop. It is recommended that the gimmick is about 1.5 at the beginning of the ban. The price is 200 yen. You can use it empty-handed.

Clothing and others

It is Lake Yamagami One extra jumper etc. to cope with sudden changes in the weather The boat is outdoors The cushions and seats are also prepared Life jackets are available for adults, children and toddlers for free Bucket Cooler box Towels etc.

Information on cancellation of events, etc.

Storm warning Heavy rain warning If there is a high possibility that a heavy snow warning will be issued, the smelt fishing will be canceled. The same response will be given even during the process. Refunds are not possible. In case of warning, we will inform you on WBLOG. Please contact us again.



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